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marky mark
​I keep wanting to visit him and interact so that he knows that I know he's feeling under the weather but then again, I don't want to disturb him any more than necessary. I suppose he's had a good run. He's been with me now for over eight years. He's been such a great friend to me. There were only three times he tried to escape and I didn't blame him that one time in particular. I hadn't realized that I'd set his water too warm that day. I'm going to miss feeding and talking to him in the mornings before I go to work. His little hands are so cute when they grab for food. I just hope that he's not suffering right now. That's what breaks my heart the most about it; thinking that he's suffering in even the slightest bit. (08-25-2007)

Dark of the Moon
Play On
"When it all becomes too much, pick yourself up and go somewhere. Go somewhere you've never been, somewhere you've dreamed of going, somewhere romantic and mysterious. Go anywhere you can, because a journey is an adventure and adventures are how we learn who we really are." - Play On, Mick Fleetwood & Anthony Bozza Mick's book arrived today!

ninjas prove it
Give a Listen to Gold Lake's

The genesis of Gold Lake began when iCarlos and Lua met in their hometown of Madrid, Spain. Discovering a mutual love of the 60s and 70s bands from the West Coast, the Laurel Canyon bands, as well as the atmospheres Eno created for Bowie in the 70s the two began writing music together. They soon decamped to Brooklyn and started Gold Lake first as a duo, and then transforming into a trio after recruiting Dave Burnett on drums. They have toured consistently since their formation playing out in NYC as well as at festivals including LA's Culture Collide Festival, NXNE festival in Toronto, Northside Festival in NY and Austin's SXSW. In addition to supporting the Lumineers and Midlake the band have supported Basia Bulat, Peter and the Wolf, Ivan & Alyosha and Nada Surf. Stereogum called their recent single "Lovers" a track that reflects on a love that has come and gone. The crux of this song is the vulnerability in the vocals that are strategically sandwiched between two episodic bursts of... (more)

~Tsuruko Hiroshi~
Berkerjaya vs Surirumah
Assalamualaikum, Bila buka fb sahaja, gembira saya baca ramai kawan-kawan yang post kata nak berhenti job dan jadi surirumah sepenuh masa. Begitu juga bila melihat pos kejayaan kawan-kawan dalam bidang kerjaya masing-masing. Alhamdulillah, macam mana excitednya saya membaca status kawan-kawan yang berniat untuk menjadi surirumah, macam itulah juga gembiranya saya membaca status kawan-kawan yang naik pangkat dan yang mendapat kerja yang lebih baik. Bagi saya sama sahaja kedua-duanya pun. Tak ada beza mana yang lebih baik. Sebab kedua-duanya pun baik. Yang lebih baik itu, kita sendiri yang tentukan. Bukan orang lain. Jika kita rasa bekerja itu lebih baik bagi kita maka lebih baiklah bagi kita, kalau jadi surirumah itu lebih baik bagi kita maka lebih baiklah bagi kita. Soal pahala lebih juga sama. Keikhlasan hati juga yang tentukan. Kerana allah itu maha adil. Memandikan, menyiapkan, menyuap makanan, menjaga harta suami, etc dibuat dengan hati yang memberontak, merungut sepanjang masa,... (more)

a great site to find parts and ventriloqui
st dummies

If you own a ventriloquist dummy, you know it: it can be really frustrating to see a broken part of our friend. But sometime, there IS something we can do. Here is great site where you can find the part needed. And something else… If you don’t have yet your dummy, you can buy one there too. :0) a great week, people.

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